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How goes it weight losers?


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I think I reached a milestone recently. This morning I pulled out of a drawer a pair of pants I had not had on since last winter, they are the Wrangler Riggers heavy weight fabric kinda tac pants. If I recall correctly, the last time I wore them, my goot was spilling over the top and I struggled to button them. Today, they fit normal and because they are a generous cut,  they are a bit loose in the thigh and seat. Also, I can feel my face has gotten less puffy and the bone is much closer to the skin surface. You loose it all over.

I need to start lifting and walking and doing....skinny and unfit is as bad as fat and unfit. The common factor is unfit. I'm still not down to a weight I plan to be, so I still have to watch obsessively what I eat. I'm at the point if I have a bad day eating wise, like this past weekend, red eye to NYC (ate at Subway, had the happy meal, 6" sub, chips, cookie, diet soda), it is easy to get back in line. Unfortunately, I gotta do it again this weekend. 

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Awesome!  Great job!

I have been being super strict for a week at a time, then taking a "cheat" day on the weekend when going down to the cabin and burning slash piles.  I would gain a couple of pounds, then lose it the next week.  So, I'm still at my lowest weight at 293, but it's been too steady.

Going down to my sister's farm next week to visit and shoot jackrabbits for a few days.  She's a vegetarian and has already got meal plans together that meld her diet restrictions with mine so we can both stay on track.

I'm actually amazed that I haven't given up yet.  

I also need to get back in the gym.  Had some insomnia issues lately that are wiping me out.  Working 12hr shifts, then sleeping a couple of hours off and on are not helping.


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