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Dear Atlanta,

Huaco Kid

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The Wife and I take long weekends down that way regularly but always stay out in the Korean area of Duluth. Great food, good stores, and close enough to Atlanta proper that we can run-in/run-out quickly. Oh, and a shoutout to Chuck’s Firearms down there. They stock Cooper rifles, Caesar Guerini shotguns and even 5-6 Freedom Arms revolvers. 

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On 12/7/2018 at 7:12 PM, JTMac said:

As someone living just north of Atlanta, can I get some context?

Um, yeah. There's this BBQ joint in Norcross called Jenny's. Mention my name...


Inside The Perimeter

Outside The Perimeter


True story - in 1990 or so I was gassing up at a filling station at Roswell Road and I-285. This 20-something African-American yute in dreds and tear tats and a Tennessee tag  asked me for directions to East Point. Before I could stop my reflex I replied "Just take I-285 till it ends and shoot a left." He thanked me nicely and I felt kinda bad.

Hope it wasn't you, Ran. :)

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I was there years ago as a supposed turn and burn.  The guy I was with locked up his firearm at the hotel because he wanted to walk to nearest hotel to drink.  I don't, and it seemed wise to have a firearm there, so I was the only one carrying.  The most we saw was two "Joe Dirt" guys with actual mullets looking us up and down trying to figure out why an Hispanic guy and White guy were together, as if that offended their Aryan pride or something.  Though they looked like crackheads.  I could see their wheels turning, but they thought better of it.  I have found that a lot in the South.  Two inter-racial guys appearing somewhere is never taken very well.  I remember going to a B.S. Academy with a guy from El Paso.  He had never been to South Carolina.  So, he decided since he had never been to an Awful House, he wanted to go there.  I advised, it wasn't the best idea.  So, once again an Hispanic guy and a White guy drop into an Awful House, and it was mullet city.  Everything stopped, you could hear a pin drop.  He accessed the situation the same way I did.  He said, "Hey, bro, let's go somewhere else."

"I think that would be a good idea."

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I was at an event in the conference center across from CNN.  When it came time to get something to eat we had no idea where to go for good food.

So we walked off the main drag looking for a good place.  We saw a restaurant with a bunch of Police cars parked in front, so we went in.  We were the only White guys in there, but the food was excellent!

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11 minutes ago, Bish1309 said:


I was waiting for you to say, "it had just been robbed."

None of the cars were parked in traffic lanes and none had the lights on, so we thought we were safe from a "crime scene".  ?


Figured the cops don't like bad food either.

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