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Snow! Finally!


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Been driving on my new Goodyear Dura Tracs since May, waiting to see just how good they are in snow, and it looks like I'll get to find out tonight; albeit with 6k miles on them...

From security camera at work:



And the big Apple Cup game between the UW Huskies and the WSU Couch Burners (Cougars) is going on half a mile away in Martin Stadium where conditions are getting pretty bad...



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Took a quick tour around the work campus with just under an inch of heavy, wet snow and was not impressed.  The tires dig fine and I could go anywhere in 2wd, but turning and stopping was not very good.  Not sure if just because of snow conditions or if the tires are too wide, or if their not that good, or if I have just forgotten how slippery snow is...

My last set of tires on my pickup were great in the snow when everyone said they would suck.  These are supposed to be awesome in snow and seemed mediocre.  My vehicle is a 2005 GMC Yukon with limited-slip rear and they are infamous at being great in the snow.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  Guess I'll just have to drive slower and be more careful this winter.



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We got a couple of inches, last week, or so.  Mostly ice, that knocked out the power.  I wasn't here.

Right after, I was driving through the WV mountains and for many miles it was an absolute fairy land.  All the leaves are off the trees and every inch of everything was coated in thick glistening ice and snow.  Like a movie.  The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I said, "Wow", many times.

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