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BMW Schneekrad was made in 1936 and it was one of the first motorcycle-snowmobile’s ever put together. There is not too much info about this machine and there are different opinions about it’s heritage: some say it was an experimental BMW-powered snowmobile which was built by Riemerschmidt, a BMW engineer, as a personal project. Another version says it’s Wehrmacht order. The only thing is known for sure: Germans were getting ready for the winter in the Alps so they were in need of machine which could move fast enough in spite of the the snow and mud. There are two versions of where the name Schneekrad originated from. Schnee means snow and krad means caterpillar, but also Krad was the military abbreviation of the German word Kraftrad, the administrative German term for motorcycle.
For this snowmobile, Riemerschmidt used a BMW R-12 engine in a “Gleitkettenkraftrad” or “slip-chain” motorcycle design and a Steib TR-500 sidecar. It’s very difficult to imagine how this machine was at turning. There is almost no more information about this snowmobile which make us think it was an abandoned project and possibly only one prototype was built.
The pictures you see were made by Kurt Worner, a famous European photographer.

1936 BMW Schneekrad Snow Cycle - 1.jpg

1936 BMW Schneekrad Snow Cycle - 2.jpg

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Circa 1900. Miss Sadie Austin, a typical Nebraska cowgirl, Simeon, Cherry County,

Nebraska. Solomon D. Butcher Nebraska State Historical Societyc961e697a9f485da.jpeg

Photographer's note: Daughter of Charles Austin, a ranchman and old settler of Sargent, Nebraska. When her father was short of help, Sadie, now Mrs. Thompson, would put on a divided skirt and ride the range for her father.

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8 hours ago, Schmidt Meister said:

Frank-N-Stein Restaurant - Gary, IN - 1973 - Revamped Muffler Man Sign

Frank-N-Stein Restaurant - Gary, IN - 1973 - Revamped Muffler Man Sign.jpg

Re: Muffler Man.

I had an exhaust problem with a GM product.  The dealer quoted me $600 in repair costs.  Claimed an exhaust manifold problem.

I refused the diagnosis since common sense related the amount of noise change to road impact and the manifold was not loose!

The GM dealer insisted, and I went elsewhere.  I didn't have the time nor inclination to work on it myself, although I had the ability and judgment capability to do it.

I talked to a friend that races stock cars and he referred me to the exhaust repair place in common use by racers.  He assured me the place was honest and GOOD!

I went there and they said the Asbestos seal in the exhaust pipe to tail pipe was leaking.  It made sense and agreed with the symptoms.  

I asked how much to repair since the car was already on the hoist.  I was quoted $20 parts and labor............  I commented that it was less than his hourly rate and he laughed and said that it only took a minute to fix.

My long explanation precludes my claim that this was the most honest commercial enterprise I had ever seen or dealt with.  I have since proclaimed his virtue.

The reason I place this post here was because the name of the place was: "The Wonderful Muffler Man!".  He was.



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