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YEP I BEEN DOWN FOR A WEEK , then to find out i got a nasty ass yeast infection ,  i was given z pack monday,  nothing  , so im doing my moms ole warm salt water gargles got new meds to pick up this morning   so im hoping ,,   plus i find out my red counts are way low , so i might need a marrow test  soonish to rule out another battle with c  and or leukemia  ,   i have given 12 viles  in todays,   atleast my wife likes i cant talk  ,  and it sucks  because  i have not seen  my grandbaby in a week  as she spends the night with us while parents are working , thats the hard part,  but she facetimes  with her poppy  but im not taking chances,   

if ya got free time  a prayer would be nice ,  thanks  ,    this is Piper and Rain   while Piper is sleeping  rain is always there watching over


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I hope you were at least given a 14 day supply of that Z-pack crap.  One of the most ineffective anti-biotics out there.

At least for my family.  My primary care knows we do not want it as we will be back with the same original infections a week or so after the script is finished.



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Strep sucks.  Which is the nicest thing I can say about it.  Prayers for you and your family.

Rain reminds me of our Suzi.  She was there when the kids first came home from the hospital.  As they grew, she would follow my daughter to bed, stay there until she fell asleep.  Then she would go with my son, and when he fell asleep, she posted herself at the head of the stairs until they woke up.  ??

So your strep revived some really good memories.  Not much consolation to you, but thanks.  


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finally , finally  , got a hold on this germ ,  ive lost like 15 pounds  which is goo as i need to lose more naturally , but my  i can tell my age is not what it needs to be , doc said vitamins so im on megaman vitamins ,,,  im sure i got it at this dumbass knife show i went to , people hacking ,  i should have just left  . and took a biological chemical shower  \


slow but surely .

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