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You cannot make this stuff up...


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Racism Won In Florida This Week

DeSantis won by 75,000 votes by using racist phrases like "monkey this thing up", having the President praise his Harvard/Yale education (anyone else ever graduate from Harvard or Yale?), and associating Obama with Rev. Wright. This guy is just too much, but strangely, not even extreme in the land of looney-left columnists.

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Gee, there's absolutely no butthurt bias in that article, absolutely none at all.  I mean, starting out the article by talking about "Trump's reign of terror" makes it very clear how unbiased the rest of the article is going to be.

It's amazing how well the article makes clear that just because the other guy wants a bunch of the exact same things as the self declared socialists, that there is no possible way that he could also be a socialist.  


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The left always “assume” racism whenever they lose.

its a way of defending themselves without becoming suicidal


the only way they lose is if you are bad. If you were as pure of heart as them, they would have won.





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