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Classic movies seen for the first time...


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I went down to the family cabin and spent the night the last couple of days.  No cell service, no wi-fi, no running water, but we do have electricity, a A VCR/DVD player, an early 2000's projection big-screen TV, and hundreds of movies.

So, I brought down a couple of movies to add to the collection; "Second-hand Lions" and "Encino Man".  Both great flicks.

I started going through the collection after dinner, at first trying to pick something I hadn't seen before, then it devolved into me just organizing the shelves of movies by category.  Top shelf were new releases.  Second shelf were comedies, then action flicks, then cop and war flicks.  At the bottom were kid-friendly movies.  Maybe a dozen or less made that cut.

I started the night by watching "Safe House" with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.  Great flick!

Then I found a couple of classics that I had never seen.  I immediately tried to revoke my own Man Card when I realized I had never seen either movie, but was quite aware of their impact on manliness and society in general.

The first was "Serpico".  Sure, I knew the backstory and was aware of the epic tale in which Al Pacino portrayed the infamous "good cop", Frank Serpico.  But I had never seen the actual movie.

So I watched it.  I was a bit lit up on some boxed red wine and appreciated the historical and cinematic experience, but I actually fell asleep somewhere during the part where he yet again transferred to another division in hope of finding a "clean" department to work in.

I loved the experience of seeing `70's New York streets and cops being so accurately portrayed, and the typical au natural bewbies thrown in, but c'mon, this is cinematic par excellence??

Maybe sober it made more sense, but I found it incredibly repetitive and boring.  



The second film I hadn't seen, and I find it very embarrassing to admit, was "Porky's".

Somehow, over the years, I knew all about the shower scene, and the club getting destroyed scene, but I had never seen it in it's entirety.

It was released in 1981.  I graduated high school in 1987.  So it was just a bit before my time.

But what a timeless and relatable tale of adolescent sexuality and struggle for manhood!

I did not fall asleep during Porky's.  I found it to be a stimulating and rejuvenating romp through those almost-forgotten teen years...



 So, having confessed to my lapse in cinematic exposure, what classic movies have you failed to watch?  

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