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1 hour ago, tous said:

I don't see anything in KWalrad's post, so I'll just move along.

Heck, I believe I'll mosey.

You can't "Mosey". Only Hombres can mosey, it's a cultural thing. 

John Wayne was an Hombre in even the first of his movies (I have seen some recently) and moseying was their thing.

In short, the American language is in peril.  No one is considering that we are comprised of peoples from most all countries, and their speech came with them. 

However, we are bad, since all those people in the rest of the world that dress and emulate us in the USA, say we are appropriating their culture, while they are wearing American garb including 3 piece suits.  Our slang is commonly used by them too.

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Just now, tous said:

I had always thought that mosey was a British term.

And who said that I ain't an hombre?

All the people that hate us, but want to be us. Remember, that Trump was berated for calling people Hombres.  The media supported that claim that it was cultural misappropriation.

Mosey has a significant connotation to me, that describes a particular walk and attitude.  I think you mosey, but then I don't hate you for being an American.


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