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Who here is old enough to use slang terms that no one else understands any more? I said ‘most ricky-tick’ in a conversation last week and the twenty-somethings I was talking with just looked at me uncomprehendingly. I realized that I probably couldn’t even explain the term to them in a context that would make sense. 

So, let’s hear some slang words and phrases you grew up using/hearing that have slipped off the books. 

How about these to start:

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. 

Hot to trot. 

Green as grass. 


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What's the story on that cat, Eric coming up with a soft-shoe story like this?

Next think you know this going to sound like something out of a dime store novel...some kind of hard boiled case.

Like he comes to us from high atop the ACME building, or something.  Like a regular gum shoe or even a g-man.

Only we know he would never put up a regular Joe on a bum rap.  He'll have the goods.  He'll take some fat-head to the cleaners for sure when the fix is in. We all know that man's toatin a Roscoe, packin heat, you know...walking the dog?  You know...he's on a beam...this case is closed!

Now if you fellers will excuse me...I'm going to take my dame out for dinner before she snaps the cap...you know gets upset..,I don't want to find myself in the dog house chewin a bone.

I think i need a Rhinegold or a Ballintines to wash this down.

(I could go on for a while)


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I tell yeah, i just saw this cat, in zuit suit.  Guys gotta be from LA with a look like that.  Everyone here in New York is wearing wides.

So i ask him what's buzzin cousin and he tells me that he got in a mess of rhubarb over a girl who tried to pass the buck down at the tin can.  Babby doll stiffed him with the bill.  She had moxie to try to pull of a game like that, I says.

Being a swigger myself i know what it's like to get the stiff arm at the joint.  Ain't no one got lettuce to play with.  You get what you pay for.   She might be a jive bomber and a gas...but there's limits.  That gal is all bad news.  After that kind of bender that broad will leave you with nothing but a cup of Joe.

(I am fairly fluet in 1940s slang)

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So i says to my friend, we gots to get, as I point to my ticker, my Betty is down at the USO and I'm on borrowed time. Stop flapping your gums,  We need to beat feet. Don't spare the shoe leather. Maybe lay down the rubber.

We gots to skip the five and dime and make way!

I don't need some GI making time with my dolly.  She's real hot to trot, I say. My kind of skirt! She won't get on her high horse and leave me high and dry...hanging, know what i mean.  I got it made in the shade.

So let's take the devil off the top of the old brown jug.  I don't have to be on guard duty until 8 AM.

(Eric started it)

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