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1 hour ago, Zonny said:

Set (all) your clocks back tonight, SUCKERS!!! 

Being in Arizona, I'll not touch mine :)

Lucky you...  I always forget a crucial one.  I made a list tonight but still will forget one as usual. 


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10 hours ago, Borg warner said:

I thought that was only in part of the state. I used to go to Quartzite from California and they were in a different "time zone" in the winter

Yup. CA is now an hour behind us. As they should be. 

During the Summer, they horn in on our Mountain Standard. When DST ends, they go back to Pacific.

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15 hours ago, Huaco Kid said:

I fell back, alright.

I usually fall forward and spring back. I mean if a bear surprises you, you better not spring forward. Back, my friend. Always spring back. Now about the clocks. The ******* cows don't care what time the clock says when it's time to be milked. This twice yearly clock changing is something I would immediately do away with if I was King.

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