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MN deer season firearms opener!


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Nice to see that MN has very few restrictions on the type of ammo that can be used unlike some of the other Midwestern states. I understand the need for those restrictions but some of the rules are somewhat arbitrary.

Legal big game cartridges

  • It is at least .220 caliber and has center fire ignition;
  • It is loaded only with single projectile ammunition;
  • The projectile used has a soft point or is an expanding bullet type;*
  • The muzzleloader (long gun or handgun) used cannot be loaded at the breech (muzzleloading revolvers are not legal for taking big game);
  • The smooth-bore muzzleloader used is at least .45 caliber and
  • The rifled muzzleloader used is at least .40 caliber;
  • Muzzleloaders with scopes are legal during the regular firearms deer season and the muzzleloader season.

* Note: Hunters are reminded to select bullets that are suitable for taking big game. Most major manufacturers offer either bonded or all-copper bullets that are appropriate for taking big game. Hunters are advised to select a proper bullet design and weight that is suitable for humanely taking big game.

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My best friend came down from Tulsa and we hunted on my home place. We have hunted on my Wife’s family ranch for many years (over 15), but this year someone had a tree stand, 55 gallon steel drum feeder full of corn, and cameras right in the middle of our area. We took all of our equipment out of the woods (2 damaged feeders, disc harrow, and drag chain thing) because we thought that her uncle told someone else they could hunt there. He didn’t. My Wife’s cousin will throw it all in the lake if he finds it, but we are going to post a note and give the trespassing hunters a chance to keep their gear.

My friend and I are little more than two useless, broke down, crippled old men. His son usually takes us out there by pontoon boat because the part of the ranch property is only accessible by boat or from property whose owners no longer allow access. It just might be them who set up their equipment.

Anyway, today’s hunt was fruitless. Winds were blowing hard and gusting over 20 mph. I have lived on our place since 1977 and have never heard the noise and activity in the area like it was today. When my friend went to get my ATV, he slipped on a rock and fell. Unfortunately, he was not hurt.....

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It’s been slow here.

i harvested a small 7 pointer this morning, that is the only deer we saw.

i sent pictures to all my friends up north. 5 different shacks and not a single deer seen, highly unusual. Lotsa wolves though, not unusual.

one group of 15, shot a spiker and a small die, that too is all they saw.  Highly unusual as this camp usually fills out by second weekend.

I’ll post a picture of the little guy when I get home, dunno how to do it on iPad.

weather has been overcast and calm, no wind, 29-40*

this afternoon turned to ****, heavy snow and high winds, can’t see schit.


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On 11/3/2018 at 11:04 PM, C_Hallbert said:

My  Wife’s cousin will throw it all in the lake if he finds it, but we are going to post a note and give the trespassing hunters a chance to keep their gear.

You’re nicer than most.  I’d post a note and see if anyone showed up.  If it seemed like an honest mistake, I’d let them have their gear and equipment.  But, my family place is posted all over as private.  I’d be very skeptical of whether it was an “honest” mistake.  Frankly, if it seemed sketchy at all, I’d probably just give the individual an opportunity to buy it back from me or pay me past due “lease” fees.   

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1 hour ago, steve4102 said:

This year I used my 30-06 AI, 180gr Nosler Partition at 3020 FPS is an outstanding load/combo.

Rifle season opener is next weekend around here.  Youth rifle has been open for a couple of weeks.

My deer rifle is a Browning X-Bolt in 30.06.  I don’t reload (yet), but it likes cheap Remington 150 and 165gr Core-Lokts just fine.  My favorite honey-hole has shooting lanes with distances of anywhere from 25 to 125 yards.  I don’t need an uber accurate round for that.  

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