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I just don't get it


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I just don't get it/ understand sometimes.

I have had a wild week of work, just finished my second red eye this week and have to be back out in less than 24 hours. The recovery is hard as I need to get about 6 hours of daytime sleep, stay up until bedtime and hit it a second 6 or so. I was working with a guy that by all accounts is a standup guy....except when it comes to his politics and then he becomes a card carrying communist.

2 examples: 7 of us were riding in a van long distance, 8 hour trip. He was asking me about working full time for us as he was part time status and the opportunity was offered, so he wanted to know the up side. So I gave him the viewpoint/ cliff notes, double the holiday pay, eligible for health plan, potential for a better schedule. He said, "oh, I don't need healthcare." Curious and knowing he has a wife, several kids, one has downs syndrome, I asked what he was doing for HC. He said "it's free, I don't make enough money so I qualify for Obamacare." I said "FREE? FREE? Nothing is free." I began pointing and said "him and him and her and him and me and him, all paid so you could have free HC." His response was "well, I don't have to pay for anything." He fully believes that corporations should pay MORE taxes so that he can have more free stuff.

This past week, he and I and 2 other guys were working a trip and the subject of the synagogue shooter came up. Of course he blames POTUS for inciting the guy to act. Of course I called him on it, and I was trying to follow his logic and pointed out every step of the way the failure in his argument. I said" you realize that his daughter and son in law and grand kids are all Jews." "And the shooter hated POTUS because he supports Israel." "So no way no how, did he influence this guy to act." "He hated Jews and acted all by himself." He still was not buying it.

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1 hour ago, misterfox said:

And, it's why I don't bother getting into pointless discussions with that type.

Discussions generally devolve into arguments.  Nobody changes their mind.

I try not to, the guy has a track record of taking his views to extreme. But when that crap about POTUS influencing the shooter to go forward with an action plan, the laying this at his feet, no I will not sit still and allow that crap to be spewed unchallenged in my presence. Last  election cycle, it got so bad on his public social media accounts that our company stepped in and a company policy of no discussions with anyone while on company time of politics. I don't have any of those types of accounts, (titter, face 'eff) where all the action took place, I heard it was fairly heated.

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I had an almost identical discussion with my long-term business partner while we had been in NYC recently. He is - and always was - a progressive liberal, if not a socialist by now.

The problem is, that they eat left-wing media for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then some. They really buy all the lies and twist from CNN, public radio, etc. Most of them don't even know how to use a search engine properly in order to research political issues independently. Many don't even even join forums for an alternative view. At best they share liberal crap on FaceBook with other left-wingers.

In general, and that is my conclusion, most left wingers are either beta males or feminists. That may sound a bit simplistic, but most strong men with meaningful AND productive jobs, positions or businesses that I personal know, hence alpha males, do not vote for Democrats. Most guys that do vote for Democrats tend to be in jobs that don't actually produce something, they also often don't wear the pants at home and get bossed around by their wife, or they have issues raising their kids properly by not being a strong role model, or they are simply not successful, or they drive cars like a Prius because they would feel out of place in anything that THEY consider strong, or they don't know how to do an oil change - let alone fix their car, or remodel a house, how to hunt, heck many don't even eat meat. Most left winger I know well enough, are talker, dreamer, hider, taker instead of maker. Their lack of on-hand experiences or street-smarts results in wishful thinking, confirming their lack of logic.

The exception proves the rule.

It is our fault that we let them dictate how the entire system should be run. In their eyes we are too strong. They can't compete, and the only way for them to feel equal, is to pull us down. Through regulations, taxes, and telling us that our opinion can't be voiced anymore while being declared racists and whatnot. We are being bullied by the weak. That is what I see.

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