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Still no snow in the forecast??


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Usually, this area gets it's first snow storm before Halloween.

We hardly received any precipitation the last 3-4 months, then nothing but rain the past two weeks.  Just checked the 10-day forecast and solid rain for the foreseeable future.  But no snow.  Coldest overnight temp forecast to be 33 degrees.

Just a weird weather pattern this Fall...

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Where I live, it doesn't';t usually snow until after Halloween and not usually until right around Thanksgiving. Last year we got on early snow but overall it was a fairly mild winter. usually when it's going to snow I can smell it in the air. --Doesn't smell like snow today....


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23 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:

I started growing gills this year.

As long as you don't make it into our gulf of mexico you will be fine. My local beach looks like this since early summer...




And the smell from the red tide makes you cough within seconds.

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