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ATF Unhinged: Prosecutions Made Up Out of Whole Cloth – You Might Be Next…


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ATF Unhinged: Prosecutions Made Up Out of Whole Cloth – You Might Be Next…

Since the Law Vegas shooting and what some contend has been a takeover by Department of Justice (which in some contexts appears to be accurate), ATF has begun internally reversing prior determinations and making up new interpretations of law, in the absence of informing the Firearms Industry or the public of these reversals and/or new interpretations. More disconcerting, this mentality has now seemingly infected certain U.S. Attorney Offices, which is alarming to say the least.


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Only the US Government files a motion to preclude their own opinion from being used in a trial. 

I guess that's the same thinking that makes a pistol OK, and a rifle even more OK, but once the rifle has a shorter barrel than some arbitrary number, or a pistol has stock, it's now super dangerous. 

ETA: They did restore my faith in juries though.

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