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New 4" GP100


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5 minutes ago, c10bonanza said:

Nice!  The 4” just looks right.  I’ve wanted to grab a 3” version, like the Wiley Clapp model, for some time.

Ditch the rubber boot grip and get some altamots!

Yeah since my SP101 is 3" I figured the 4" would round out the set better.

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2 hours ago, Moeman said:

I wanna 5 inch... but hey! Awesome!!


about the only pistol line I want. Fancy shotguns are a covet but above my paycheck 

Five inch revolvers are very cool. I miss my 629 Classic at times. I gave up 44's when I quit reloading decades ago. My latest love is the three inch. The balance is fantastic. The full length ejector rod along with increased velocity and potential accuracy vs a true snub nose.

It doesn't take much for me when revolvers are the topic. I love'm all.

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