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Thoughts on the Midterms and Voter Fraud


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I have no doubt that Americans are fed up with the politics and the antic of the left. The President Trump rallies are proof of this.

I have some doubts whether or not the rest of America is smart enough to vote accordingly. Remember Hillary got the popular vote and she is/was a known criminal.

I have major doubts about voter fraud. As Donald J Trump said, "The system is rigged".

The Democrats have the Intel Community on their team, the IC can not afford 2-more years of Republican run investigations into their criminal acts.
They have been stalling and obstructing these investigations in hopes that the Democrats take back control and shut these investigations down. 

IMO the IC is not sitting by and letting the Democrats win elections for them (they can't), they are very active in the election process and it ain't on the campaign trail, it is at the voting booth.machines. 

IMO, this is why the Democrats are so confident in their Blue Wave, they know who and what is working behind the scenes to insure Democrat victories.


Your Thoughts?

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In Florida, the local Supervisor of Elections is elected.  Start putting heat on them.  We had one here (a Demorat) who refused to review and purge the rolls of ineligible names.  He got bounced and the new Super was amazed at how many votes by ineligibles were cast and counted in 12, 14 and 16 elections.  Andrew Gillum, candidate for governor, received votes in Tallahassee City elections from his brother and sister, who live out of state

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