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911 Synchronicity, baby!


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Wow. The universe aligned today.


Wifey (a 911 dispatcher for Fire and EMS), was telling me about some lady who called 911 because a cat was stuck in a tree.

Shortly after this 911 call took place, someone posted on the local "Word of Mouth" page on facebook about a cat up a tree, and who to call.

Well, without knowing anything about this until 2100 tonight, me and a local paramedic friend trolled the post pretty hard, posting pics of firefighters shooting water up in the air, asking if anyone had ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree, etc.


Wouldn't you know it was the same incident?

She's texted me at my job in the ER and warned me of incoming shootings, ridiculous patients, etc., But for both of us to be real-time on some nonsense like this- this may be a first.

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