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"The GOP needs to recognize that it's the party's ox being gored here and GOP leaders -- the big ones, in Washington, and beyond -- need to speak out -- and send Kari Lake all the financial support she needs to challenge this dog of an election. This election was very obviously so flawed its result cannot be determined. Lake has shown preternatural confidence and a fighting spirit in challenging this travesty so that at least GOP candidates in the future can win elections. The GOP leadership should be right with her or they can't be surprised if they continue to lose elections. Lake deserves all the help she can get."

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Republican House Majority Climbs to 220 After Win in California


"Now, Republicans have 220 seats in the lower congressional chamber, compared with Democrats’ 212. Although some GOP leaders have been critical of their party’s results during the midterm elections, Republicans will still gain a majority and will have control over the chamber’s committees."

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1 minute ago, Schmidt Meister said:

Damn dude, I didn't mean to make you cry. Just ignore it and pretend it didn't happen. Cheating ... ROFLMOAO ... you crack me up.

Nobody reads your little self-titled vanity thread, and nobody reads every thread on every forum. But those of us with reading comprehension at least try not to repeat memes here. Shame on you.

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