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Political contributions matches…

I have several emails a day it seems, with varying offers to match my political contribution. One today said 1100%

Guess the matching pitch works at least enough for them to keep on keeping on.


Where does this magic match money come from?

With 1100% match they don’t really need my money.

How can the person in email land know that match money is actually given?

If I give money what will actually be done with that money and the stated match?

Could a Nigerian Prince actually be the source of the match money?

I am no less likely to believe in a 111000% match than I am in the mentioned 1100% one

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5 hours ago, railfancwb said:

Who decides a business is non essential, and by what right?

It is decided based on whether your business kowtows to the liberal "woke" agenda, usually decided by the liberal mayor or governor, depending on which one is the most progressive.

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