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I have a theory about how Democrat presidential candidates choose their running mates. They always want to pick someone much less intelligent than they are to make themselves look more serious and intelligent by comparison and to discourage assassination out of fear that a total moron would become president if the sitting president were to be assassinated. That's why Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his vice president. But when it looked like Joe Biden was going to be the Democrat presidential candidate, I wondered how in the world were the Democrats going to find anyone stupider than Joe Biden??? But they actually managed to pull it off.
NBC News’ Craig Melvin confronted Vice President Kamala Harris over former administration health officials who wrote an open letter last week urging President Biden to change his pandemic strategy as COVID surges. "Does the administration say, ‘You know what, this strategy isn’t working. We’re going to change strategies,’" Melvin said. "Is it time?" 

Harris responded with this:

"It is time for us to do what we have been doing, and that time is every day. Every day, it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down." Harris said.



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Hey there Ms. Kennedy since you ran off from us from the 72nd liquor store in Tacoma, WA with 2 Liters of grey goose and jump a few fences. While you were running with grey goose in both of your hands, you dropped your wallet and cell phone, so we decided to take a selfie with your cell and post it on your Fb. We decided to call you "WarPony 🐎" since you ran pretty fast from us
P.S You can pick up your Cell Phone & Wallet @TacomaPoliceDepartment 🌚
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