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Are we alone? Tiny spacecraft will head to Alpha Centauri to find out


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We can't be alone in the universe. It simple math and statistics between the sum of coincidences needed to develop our lifeform and the total of qualifying planets. MANY more matching planets out there, and that only accounts for the lifeform we know. It would be rather ignorant to claim that we are the only lifeform.

And I'd rather stay tucked away without any lifeforms knowing about us. If they are just half as crooked as we are, we wouldn't make good friends.

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aircarver and I are prepared to encounter other races and species when we launch the superluminal space plane.

We have a gold record of Cyndi Lauper's Greatest Hits.

Just hope that any space aliens we encounter have invented the record player.

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The space aliens have been here before.

An advanced race visited just a few years ago, their goal was to bring happiness and prosperity to everyone on the planet and bring about the Age of Peace and Enlightenment for the contentious humans.

TBO Tased them.

They said they'd be back in a thousand years.




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