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1 hour ago, gwalchmai said:

Hey, anyone know much about sandblasting? The Dim candidate for Governor in GA wants to sandblast the Confederate Memorial off Stone Mountain. Is that even possible or would it just get real shiny?

Sand Blasting removes material at a slow rate.  These mountain monuments were roughed out with explosives for a reason.  Then they were chipped to a finish.  Sand blasting would take a tremendously long time and terribly expensive.


His recommendation shows that he knows as little about sculpting as he does about history and it's importance to civilization. IOW, he's an idiot!

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15 minutes ago, Cubdriver said:

But I don't what to pay the electric bill to power it!


Well I figure you would have to have a purpose built nuclear power plant for that size of compressor.  It would at the very least be a few steps above my little 110 compressor.

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