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TBO's laugh of the Friday:


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11 minutes ago, Walt Longmire said:

Back in my youth I rolled up a doobie with only sawdust and left it where one of my buddies would find it and light it up. Then promptly forgot about it. Much later someone did find it. "Oh look, here's a stray doobie." That was harsh, man.

If my youth, I was at a diner table with a couple drunk friends in the wee hours.  Right in front of their blurry eyes I took out a cigarette from the guy's pack on the table, rolled out about an inch of tobacco and replaced it with pepper from the shaker, tamped it in and put it back in the pack.    Two minutes later he pulls the same cig out, lights it and he darned near hacked up and coughed out his lungs.  

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