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It Is Getting Very Political In Florida Before Next Week's Election


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Now there are Liberal Republicans who are just as crazy as the Dems and are pushing for gun control and are being endorsed by the Liberal Miami Herald. here's a story about a supposedly Republican candidate running in the primary to fill retiring Republican Illena Ros-Lehtinen's congressional seat.

It wouldn't surprise me if Democrats we backing this candidacy to siphon off votes from other Republicans.

August 24, 2018
Miami Herald Endorses Candidate Who Says She Was Taken Aboard a Spaceship by Aliens

Florida’s second largest newspaper has endorsed a congressional candidate who says she was abducted by aliens.

In a Voter’s Guide to the Aug. 28 primary, the editorial board of the Miami Herald endorsed Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera in the 27th district, for “her boots-on-the-ground ideas and experience. The Herald acknowledged “that Rodriguez Aguilera is an unusual candidate,” but dismissed her alleged abduction as “a non-issue.”

Rodriguez Aguilera’s campaign has been emphasizing her career as an educator. If elected she promises to impose several new firearm restrictions while pushing to secure America’s borders from illegal aliens. (something which people in the predominantly Cuban district support)

But, it is Aguilera’s views about a different sort of “aliens” which have attracted the most attention.
Rodriguez Aguilera, 59, told a Spanish language television station in 2009 that she was abducted by aliens when she was 7. “I went in. There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship – not like airplanes,” Aguilera said. She also said she has communicated with telepathically with aliens on several occasions since then.

McClatchy reports that in that same interview she said that Florida’s Coral Castle, a stone rock garden created in the 1920s, is really an Egyptian pyramid. She also says that she telepathically discussed Isis with someone (in this case the ancient Egyptian Goddess) and said that the Earth’s “energy center” is in Africa.

Though how much energy Aguilera is putting into her own congressional campaign remains unclear. Two Twitter accounts associated with her campaign have only tweeted twice since July 14th. While early voting has begun, Aguilera received little attention before the newspaper’s endorsement.

Rodriguez Aguilera is one of nine GOP candidates seeking to replace Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who is retiring after having represented the district since 1989.

Aguilera is considered a long-shot in the heavily Cuban-American district which polls have suggest is a three-person race between frontrunner Maria Elvira Salazar, a former CNN Espanol and Telemundo journalist; Bruno A. Barreiro, who resigned as Florida County Commissioner to join this race; and Angie Chirino, a musician and educator who is the daughter of Cuban pop sensation Willy Chirino.
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Man, I don't even wanna think about what's coming up here in the next few weeks. A black, female socialist running for Georgia's governor. The outside money brought in to make "history" will be off the charts.

I may just turn off the TV and radio. I have Ad Blocker on the net, so there is that.

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