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Millennials' Rosy View of the Welfare State Dwindles Once They're Told What It Costs


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"When asked if they support socialist policies, millennials generally say yes, but when asked if they're actually willing to pay for it, their enthusiasm drops markedly.

After all, many citizens in Denmark and Sweden pay taxes equivalent to half of their income or more. Do members of my generation—at least, those who eventually work—really want to live in a country where nearly 60 percent of your income goes to taxes? "


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I believe if most people in the USA added up all the different taxes on everything they do in a year it would astound them.  If you are in the 20% Income bracket, add close to 8% for SS and Medicare to it.  Now think about your property taxes and assessments, sales taxes and those hidden fees on cell phones etc and you could be at close to 40% now

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