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What Is Wrong With This Picture


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You mean besides the fact that the kid is closing the eye that he should be using to aim?


ETA: Maybe I am just going blind and his right eye is more open than his left. I am looking at it more and second guessing. 

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23 minutes ago, willie-pete said:



"See something, say something " run amok. Department of Children and Family Services must not have enough to do.


Somehow I managed to survive all this.





I survived all of the above too and also a bucket load of stupid things I did when Mom wasn't looking!

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28 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:

At about that age, we'd disappear into the woods over the weekend and camp.

We were allowed to have firearms, fire, knives, hatchets, fireworks, and pointy sticks.

If you got hurt really bad, it was pretty much your own dumb-ass fault.

With guns and ammunition.  We had those anytime and in many places.  No one I knew got hurt by guns as a child.

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