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Judge Sides with NRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, Disqualifies Washington Gun Control Initiative


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"On July 3, Breitbart News reported that the initiative, I-1639, was being presented as a simple attempt to raise the legal age for long gun purchases from 18 to 21. Although an attempt to disqualify 18- to 20-year-olds from exercising their Second Amendments is troubling enough, the reality of the matter is that I-1639 would have put in place a new system of background checks and myriad other guns controls as well."


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It's kind of funny how democrat socialist tell us that 16 year old kids who still live at home, have never paid taxes, most of who don't work, are responsible enough to vote, but then tell us that they are not responsible enough to exercise their God given right to own protection.

Liberal logic.

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The reason why it was struck down has nothing to do with being against the U.S. constitution, it got struck down because they refused to follow the standard formatting required by WA law.  



Gottlieb, the NRA and others have argued that I-1639’s petitions violated state law because they did not include text formatting such as underlines and strike-throughs to demonstrate how exactly the initiative would change the language of existing gun laws.


The advocates for the law think the state supreme court will overturn the decision, that just because there are issues with how it's worded or presented isn't enough cause to eliminate it.  I'm hoping they are wrong, and the WA supreme court doesn't give in to the liberal agenda.


Problem is, there's millions of dollars being poured into the state to try to make this new law reality.  All of the problems in this state are coming from just a couple of counties, if we could just get rid of them the rest of us would be so much better off and happier.

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