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This drug is turning Florida inmates into ‘zombies.’ It’s fueling a record death toll


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1 hour ago, willie-pete said:

Is there a problem?


I'm not seeing it.

Right?  Give 'em a couple packets with each meal.

Really spice each packet up with two or three cans of bug spray and roundup.

Give them bic lighters.

They can make their own pipes out of toilet tubes and bic pens.  Or twist it up with bible paper.

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8 minutes ago, DWARREN123 said:

Bunch of stupid people doing stuff that will make them sick or kill them and then the state will get sued over it.

Why is this allowed?

It's prison. Nothing should be allowed. I was in the process of bailing a friend out, and in comes a couple women from a religious organization. They were packing a huge bag each. No one checked them or the bags. They were allowed right past security, bags and all. Next we will hear is one of them wants to marry an inmate. Oh, and we don't know how this contraband got I n the jail. Fark that. Strip search.

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There is no single chemical makeup of synthetic marijuana, so in practice, it can be made of almost anything. In prison, it often contains traces of roach spray and rat poison.


Traces of roach spray and rat poison?  No wonder the prisoners are bugging out!

In light of this story, the one from New Haven and other stories regarding K2/synthetic marijuana that make the news, explain to me again how marijuana is NOT a gateway drug?     

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