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California kids can kiss their soda good-bye


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Not that kids should be drinking a lot of soda or sugary drinks, but the state needs to let the parents do the parenting. 



In the latest episode of “Banished!” by the People’s Republic of California, Governor Jerry Brown is likely to sign a bill that prohibits restaurants from offering anything other than milk or water with their kids’ meals, under the pretense of preventing obesity.

Effectively they’re telling parents they’re not capable of being trusted with their children’s health. It’s Big Brother Knows Best vs. mom and dad.

They want to control what little Johnny and Susie drink with their kids’ meal. If restaurants don’t play along they could be fined up to $500. So now California isn’t just the nanny state, it’s also the bully state.

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Peppers and Onions cause me gastrointestinal problems.  Ban those...……


Ban food.  It's for the Children!

Banning something just because you believe it's bad for others leads to one study's results that say that consumption of large quantities of anything will cause health problems.

A sample of Google search results:

Starbucks coffee cancer warning:

Eating large amounts of meat, cheese may be as deadly as ……...

Processed meat can cause colon cancer

Does Drinking Alcohol Really Increase Your Cancer Risk?

Drinking Too Much Cola Can Cause Health Problems

Surprising Health Hazards Associated with an All-Fruit Diet

Health effects of chocolate

Does barbecuing cause cancer?

Risks of Eating Too Much Ginger Root

Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk


And so on!

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23 hours ago, Walt Longmire said:

Not all of them.

Then they should work harder to take back control. 


I live in a district in Florida that was held by a demorat since Reconstruction.  After the Affordable Care Act was signed, our district bounced a 10 term demorat and put the first Repube in since Reconstruction in that seat in 2010.  He immediately jumped into bed with Boehner, Ryan, McCarthy and the other Rino swamp creatures.  In 2014, we bounced him for a demorat.  In one term, the demorat showed her socialist, progressive, I-don't-care-what-my-district-voters-want attitude and decided to vote with the party.  We bounced her for another Repube who will prolly win re-election in November.  If we, the people in our district can take back control of a seat that was held for 145 years by one party and put 3 different people into that seat in 8 years, we are showing the rest of the country you, too, can take back your Seats in your Districts if you choose to work hard enough for it.

Ain't America great?


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