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Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship for refusing to shake hands with person administering oath


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I’ve posted on Twitter about a Mohammedan Woman who was denied employment here in the US after a job interview and refused to shake the hand of the Interviewer. Corporations, Local, State and US Government have overkilled programs and policies which dictate acceptance and tolerance of people whom culture, heritage and/or religious beliefs. The point I want to make is that people falling within these protected categories must certainly be expected to accept the culture and heritage of others in the workplace as well. However, the only valid culture in the workplace should be that which is defined by the organization.

Shaking hands is a customary and traditional in the USA when people are introduced, agree to terms in a bargain, and in athletic competition. Shaking hands demonstrates good will, amiability, an acceptance of common purpose and it expresses the early foundations for friendship. Refusing to shake a person’s extended hand is an extreme insult in our culture. It suggests hostility, disdain and implies aggression (passively); it even connotates a potential element of violence.

In the corporate setting, a refusal to shake hands is outrageous and unacceptable. This judgment also stands with regard to the Swiss incident. People who expect and demand acceptance of their cultural idiosyncrasies should be the first to show that they respect others in the same manner.

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