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The Eagles' greatest hits album beats Michael Jackson's Thriller as No. 1 all-time album


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It will be declared RACIST and Jackson's will reign  again.

Since Don Henley is a liberal, it would be funny to watch them eat their own.

Even with The Eagles political positions, I still like their music.

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I’ll pass on both of ‘em, thanks.

Jackson’s music just wasn’t my style, and The Eagles were the equvelent of Nickleback in the 1970’s and early 80’s.

I’ll take silence before either one of them.

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Honest to God, you idiots........I'm going to bed.

Where my wife, (A female!) is sleeping.

And I intend to dream simple dreams of sheep.........no,...........mountains.  Where I'm a lumberjack..........no, a steelworker.  In the mountains.  Where rugged men like me live.

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