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Avengers - Infinity War (possible spoilers)

SC Tiger

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I finally watched Avengers: Infinity War this weekend.  Caught it on Vudu (streaming app).  Bear in mind I am not a comic book guy, and I never really was.  So I don't know the storyline of Thanos, the Infinity Stones, etc.


Overall - it was a good movie.  Much better than Age of Ultron.  I think they did try to bring a few too many characters into this, but at the same time I know the Avengers movies are supposed to be what ties the entire universe together.  But it was balanced pretty well, and not having all of them on the same battlefield was a good move.

Thanos was the star, and Brolin did an excellent job.  Made him sympathetic, and yet you know they have to stop him.  Beyond Thanos I'd say the second-most focused on characters were Thor and Iron Man (no surprise).  Though Dr. Strange and the GOTG were also heavily involved.  Black Widow and Captain America's roles were cut back some from previous Avengers movies.

I'm also impressed with the kid that played Spider Man/Peter Parker. I like how they integrated the Iron Spider into that.  

On the other hand - it appears that The Scarlett Witch forgot to pack her accent.  I can't remember if she had it in Civil War but I don't think she had it in this movie either.  

Here is where the possible spoilers start:

The ending - holy ****.  I didn't see THAT coming.  Though I do suspect that that we haven't seen the last of the characters who died - even Gamora.  Remember - time stone.  This is supposedly the first of two movies though.  

It was good to see Thor as the true badass again (he kinda slipped a little in Thor: Ragnarok - though that was the point of the movie).  I don't know if he feels like he needs a big-ass hitting thing in his hand to make a fight - some sort of psychological dependency - but when he got Stormbreaker - holy ****!  And it seems that Captain America gets stronger and stronger every time we see him.  Scarlett Witch is also extremely powerful now.  Maybe that's what happened to her accent - she traded it for more power.  

IMO - Bruce is taking the wrong approach with The Hulk.  Just ask him why he's scared to come out. "Look Hulk, I know you're afraid.  Thanos is a serious bad dude.  But you have to face your fear to overcome it."  And then I would get WAY out of the damn way!  I hear there are several planets that are lovely this time of year.....


And now for my most hated part - apparently (per the trivia on IMDB.com) "the snap" killed off one of the hottest members of the MCU - Lady Sif:



Seriously - Thor needs to bury Stormbreaker into Thanos' head until he hits his nuts, for that one.


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