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sup peeps


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 have not been on in over a week  seems longer lol .  we have been swamped daily with rain  and got 5 inches last night alone ,  we cant get prime machines  in tobacco fields  so we 

are having to  hand prime old school way  ,  im whooped but caught up about 75%  .  now starts the grading of strawberry plants tomorrow  in green house , i will post some wife pics 

of the process  once started , so we got  about 800,000  plants to cut runners off of and resoil    and most will be sold all over the US  , takes about 3 weeks  to get it done  but 

that is where the money comes in from selling  . 


anyway    rain go away,   not to mention  up north my wifes home town and area had a historic flooding  last 2 weeks  . we drove to help out and  ive never seen flooding like that.  say some 

prayers for those folks in PA  .  


why the hell is the print like that 

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'Sup Ash.....I've been farming for a long time and have no idea about cutting runners off and resoiling. Guess that demonstrates just how farming different crops in other areas of the country can have such huge differences. 

Hope the family doesn't have too much flood damage. 

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Lots of rain here too. Weather man said it is the wettest August in the last hundred years. We got 6 1/2 inches of rain in one day last week. I am not a farmer, but my heart goes out to those whose livelihood depends on the weather. Hang in there.

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well it  rained again  this morning  about  3 am  , big down pour ,  tried to fix  a few driveways  with box blade but no go , it was just a soup sammich  ,  atleast  getting some strawberry work   in green house ,  i took the day off  to do

some repairs  while waiting to dry out ,  we have mushrooms  everywhere  and that is not normal lol .   and im  waiting to to pour  concrete on new  foundation of my new shop  and now its a start over  ,  foundation and drains gone .  

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