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ICE detains California man taking pregnant wife to hospital to deliver baby, says he has criminal warrant in Mexico


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ICE detains California man taking pregnant wife to hospital to deliver baby, says he has criminal warrant in Mexico
A man driving his pregnant wife to a hospital for delivery of their baby was detained and taken into custody by immigration agents, according to the couple's lawyer and a news report.
Joel Arrona-Lara, 36, was taken into custody when he and his wife stopped at a gas station Wednesday in San Bernardino, California, his wife, Maria del Carmen Venegas, told Univision in Spanish. They had been on the way to the hospital for a scheduled C-section.
ICE said in an initial statement Saturday that Arrona-Lara is an undocumented immigrant now in custody pending removal proceedings. Later, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency issued an updated statement saying he is wanted in Mexico on homicide charges.
"Mr. Arrona-Lara was brought to ICE’s attention due to an outstanding warrant issued for his arrest in Mexico on homicide charges," the agency statement said.
Arrona-Lara’s legal defense team told ABC News the allegations of a warrant in Mexico are unconfirmed and that they will seek bail for him as he has no criminal record in the U.S.
"Mr. Arrona denies any criminal history in Mexico and he is unaware of any criminal proceedings in Mexico in which he is named as a defendant," the legal team said in a statement. "The family denies allegations as well. In the charging documents he is charged with being in the country without documents. He is not in extradition proceedings."
His wife said the detention of her husband at the service station came as a shock.
“[I asked], 'Why are you taking my husband?' and they said somebody had reported us. And I said, 'No, how is that possible?' I said we are hard workers,” Carmen Venegas told Univision in an interview after the birth of her child.
“It is very hard because he was always there," the mother said. "And he would say everything will be OK and not to worry, that we will meet the baby. And for me to be alone it feels brutal."
In addition to the newborn, the couple has four children between the ages of 2 and 13 years old.
Prior to the updated statement from ICE on Saturday evening, attorney Emilio Amaya, speaking on behalf of the couple, told ABC News that Arrona-Lara was detained for not having identification on him. According to Amaya, witnesses at the gas station said ICE agents were there when Arrona-Lara's car pulled up and that the agents seemed to approach the family randomly.
ICE said in its statement, “Mr. Arrona-Lara, a citizen of Mexico illegally residing in the United States, was taken into custody Wednesday by ICE Fugitive Operations Team officers in San Bernardino, Calif. Mr. Arrona-Lara is currently in ICE custody pending removal proceedings with the Executive Office for Immigration Review."
The agency added that while it focuses on individuals who pose a threat to national security or public safety, it will no longer exempt other classes of removable immigrants from potential enforcement.
"ICE continues to focus its enforcement resources on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security," the ICE statement said. "ICE conducts targeted immigration enforcement in compliance with federal law and agency policy. However, ICE will no longer exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. All of those in violation of the immigration laws may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and, if found removable by final order, removal from the United States.”
ABC News' Matthew Fuhrman and Frank Elaridi contributed to this report.
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Illegally sneaking into the country has become so normalized, many don't even think it's a crime anymore.  Kind of like what the legalize-drugs-crowd wants to do, that is, make the manufacturing/selling/using of drugs seem normal.  

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Let us dispense with the absurd hippie socialist outrage and examine the incident as big kids.

Mr. Arrona-Lara snuck across the border into someone else's country, likely to escape arrest and prosecution for a capital crime.  It appears that he respects few if any laws or rules.

Ms. del Carmen Venegas snuck across the border into someone else's country and purportedly married Mr. Arrona-Lara and the couple proceeded to have four children: anchor babies.

I doubt that they paid a cent for the medical services, just as undoubtedly grab every penny of social welfare, free money, that they can get their hands on.

They won't have to spent a cent on their children's food or education.

Other people likely pay 60 - 80% of their housing and utility costs.

Demand that the citizens of the country you snuck in to speak your language and, of course, your children should be taught in their native language.  Call those evil, rightful citizens racist if they don't.

It is reasonable to expect that neither adult has a driver's license, has paid a registration fee for their automobile or carries liability insurance.

However, they likely can afford enough marijuana and beer to keep them comfortably numb.


If we push away the faux indignance, we can distill the tale to a single proposition: those mean agents are keeping her and her family from all of the free stuff!

Somewhat like the very obese woman that flies into a rage because you got between her and the banana cream pie at the Golden Corral.


The corollary is: only chumps follow the rules.

The only rule is take what you want, scream in fury when you can't.

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