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Days after shark attack, town on Cape Cod closes beach to swimmers 'due to continued shark activity'


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Days after a 61-year-old man suffered a shark bite in Massachusetts, the beach on Cape Cod where the attack occurred was “closed” off to swimmers for the foreseeable future “due to continued shark activity,” the town announced Friday.
The town website for Truro, Mass., posted the statement around 8:45 p.m. letting visitors know ahead of the weekend.
“Longnook Beach is closed to swimming until further notice due to continued shark activity,” the statement said. “Beach Gate Attendants will be informing patrons of the recent shark activity in the area and distributing Cape Cod Great White Shark Safety brochures.”
William Lytton, 61, of Scarsdale, N.Y., was airlifted to a Boston hospital after suffering a shark bite Wednesday that resulted in deep puncture wounds to his torso and legs.
A great white shark was reportedly suspected in the attack. The beach was closed following the attack and was expected to remain closed until the weekend, officials previously said.
Lytton was in fair condition Saturday, a spokeswoman for Tufts Medical Center, where he is receiving medical care, told the Associated Press.
Wednesday's shark attack was Massachusetts' first since 2012. The state's last fatal shark attack was in 1936.
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I've been watching a fascinating show on Nat Geo lately.  All they need is 1-2 Shamu's and problem solved.  These clever guys stalk and kill great whites for their livers.  Biologists who study the Farralon islands in CA have noted that when Orca's show up, literally every great white disappears for the rest of the season.   They even know to flip the shark upside down to immobilize it, and then the second one gets the liver.  These guys are scary smart.

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1 hour ago, FullClip said:

This is why I only swim in lakes.  Only thing you gotta' worry about are these.

Image result for snapping turtle

And at least on my lake, there's never been a verified attack.


I got those snapping turtle assholes in my backyard lake. They usually **** off when you get to close, but there is no way I will ever swim in it.

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