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Aircraft Pic & Vid Thread


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4 hours ago, tous said:

That picture above has to be Photo-shopped.

If it were real, the Australian aircraft would be flying upside down.

Which is right side up in Australia.



I always pictured the B-2 as a HEAVY bomber. I didn't realize it was so small compared to a tanker plane. 

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The concept of light, medium and heavy bombers came about during World War Two and was based on payload and range.

When an aircraft the size of a B-2, which can stay aloft indefinably with mid-air refueling and can carry one or two conventional weapons equal to the payload of ten B-17s or special weapons equal to a wing of B-24s, , those distinctions become somewhat meaningless.

The B-2 still has a wingspan about 70 feet longer than a B-17 and the B-2 is subsonic, trading low observability (stealth)  for speed, unlike my favorite bombers, the B-58 Hustler or the B-1B.



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