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I have a strength training question.


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And I'm just a guy trying to keep fit.  I'm not a big iron guy, so please, keep it real for a guy that's approaching 60 and just wants to maintain a little muscle tone.

After a week off the home gym and treadmill due to a respiratory illness, (thank YOU, my green snot producing grandchildren!) I got back on for just a few minutes this evening to try adding an exercise to my workouts.

I just did a 3x10 set of vertical overhead presses tonight, and my neck is a little sore now.  I'm short and wide at the shoulder, at only 5'6" and weighing in at 182#.  I did 3 sets of ten at 110#. 

Should I just reduce the weight?  I'm a little surprised at the short term immediate results.  

I moved to a home gym a few years ago to help me maintain correct form, because my form with dumbbells over the last decades has been horrible due to a back injury.  Post back surgery a few years ago, doc suggested a decent home gym to maintain consistent, supported lifting, and up until tonight, it's been very productive.

The only two options I can envision are lighter weight or stop that set altogether.  

Am I wrong?

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I'm the same age.  Resumed lifting a few years ago.  Best thing I did was get a real personal trainer (not a 20 year old).  At our age, everyone almost certainly has shoulder issues, problematic back, knees, etc.  Plus injuries, tweaks, slower recovery times.  I'm not surprised overhead lift hurts.  Probably 50% of guys our age either can't or shouldn't do OVH lifts.  Not just shoulder, but likely arthritis of cervical spine.  Or maybe your traps just hurt.

1. Shoulders.  Do overhead lighter, with dumbells.  You don't need the last few inches of travel at top or bottom.  Incline press might hurt less.

2. I have a really bad back but for some reason I can still squat.  If you do that, it's 75% of a complete workout.

3. At first, min 72 hrs between lifting nights.  At our age, you need a fair amount of protein to maximize results.

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Squats are out of the question.  I have a knee that should be replaced tomorrow, but if my doc allows my steady diet of tramadol, I thinks I can make it to this winter.

I'll wait until mid next week and try again, and I'll maybe cut the weight back to maybe 50# or so, and work up a little slower.  Now that you mention it, I am plagued by arthritis, some joints bad, some not so bad.  

If pain persists, it may just not be for me.

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