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Tipped over my new UTV...


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Well, sorta...  It's what they call a "flop" in the UTV world.  You basically are going so slow that it just kind of lays over on it's side.

No damage to mine, thankfully.  I was negotiating a particulary nasty part of the trail with a kelly hump and a very deep set of ruts.  Trying to "ride the ridges" of the ruts when the back left tire slipped and I ended up on my side.


Picture looks really tame but that section is pretty steep and the rut really is deep.  It is sitting where it flopped; my brother and I just immediately picked it up so it was somewhat upright.  I wouldn't even consider that trail a difficult trail.  Just that one obstacle was seemingly made to tip over UTVs.

In all my years of riding ATVs, Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles, I've never rolled or tipped any of them.  But these side by sides are so difficult to really get a feel of what they're doing.  It's surprisingly easy to end up on your side.

Rest of the 24-mile ride was uneventful with beautiful views of Dworshak reservoir in Idaho...





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