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Junior Johnosn


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He scored a woman that is half his age or less.    While I really don't care what others do in their own private life, that is effin weird to me.   Then again the whole lbgtq insert every other letter you can think of thing has thrown all morals out the window lmao.   Don't mind me rambling lol.  

I still remember what didn't seem all that long ago when he still had a couple teams.    He's a pretty cool dude.   I've seen a few documentaries on him.   

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Yes, Junior ran shine for his daddy "back in the day".

I can remember my dad watching a race, during Junior's team owner days, and laughing uncontrollably. It was terribly hot there. When I looked, Junior was watching his car from the pits, standing on top of a block of ice, lol!

Nascar used to have character and be full of characters, now it's cookie cutter cardboard flatness.

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