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Ever bark 4th gear rubber?

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22 minutes ago, M&P15T said:

4th? Damn.......just damn.

The 1st time I did it with the TA was not long after building the 455. I had a friend that built a 440 magnum for his Dodge. He told me he thought he could take my TA with his Dodge. Well heading towards town I come up behind the Dodge with the fresh 440. He sees me. I spot the smile in his mirror. There was oncoming traffic and then an open road. He and I both knew I was going to attempt a pass when the traffic cleared. Yup, we both shift down and hammer it. I had grabbed 3rd since the TA was geared so low. We were door to door when I slammed 4th and got that nice posi bark with both huge tires. And then I pulled in right in front of him. Guess who's smiling now.

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25 minutes ago, KennyFSU said:

Yes, once (probably the road surface) in my Mazdaspeed3 lol. FWD + torque = no fun.

A friend and I found a spot on a local road where they had laid down oil in preparation for chip sealing. Boy did we have fun doing smoke shows with our cars running straight 6 bangers. I was in my mom's 64 Mustang. 

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23 minutes ago, Walt Longmire said:

It's been a long time since I drove that fast. Like about 40 years. But I have hit 115-120 with snow machines not too long ago.

Whew! I have never been on a snow machine. I bet the snow was melting, you were going so fast! I had no idea they were that fast.

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I had a 68 Camaro with an LT1 built for circle track racing (we knew somebody that owned a world class speed shop and they had a customer who couldn't pay their bill, so we got the built motor after they sold his transmission and rear end).  Chirping gears was no problem.  Getting traction was another story.   If you opened the secondaries at freeway speed in fourth gear on a rainy day, it was like Mr. Toads wild ride; the wheels would spin at 90 miles per hour and the back of the car would try to pass the front. 

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With 4.56 gears at least you're going into 4th before you're going super fast. 

I could get 3rd gear chirp out of my Omni GLH ? First and second gear were lotsa rubba. That was a fun one.

My 16 Mustang with 3.55 gears and shifting closer to 7000, by the time I hit 4th I'm going rilly rilly fast, and it sticks pretty good after 2nd gear even with traction control turned off.

Big blocks and 4 speeds are just ultimate fun. Had a 66 Fairlane GT, built a good 390 and it had a 4 speed. Boy it felt like you were doing something going through the gears in that car.

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