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Give that man a slap on the wrist.


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There are a lot of variables here.  Could have been a one holer and he just had to go so he rattled the door.  If he had done something to molest her, fine, beat the **** out of him but beaten to death for rattling a door is severe.  I bet he pleads to 3rd degree and gets 5 years out in 3.

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32 minutes ago, SC Tiger said:

I get it, but this is rather like shooting someone for robbing you last week.  I see why he did what he did, but I also see why it's legally a problem.

Legal and morally defensible are two different things.  What he did was understandable but beyond what the law allows.  I say call it involuntary manslaughter and give him less than a year in jail.  If it were me I’d rather investigate the background of the deceased and if he turns out to be scumbag we give this guy a medal.

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