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Why Do Liberals Keep Hurting Themselves?


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By Wayne Allyn Root

"Liberals are so obsessed with Donald Trump. But maybe they should start looking in the mirror. The problem is they won’t like what they see.

Donald Trump isn’t hurting you. You’re hurting and killing yourselves. You are your own worst enemies. You can never admit that, so you focus all your anger, bitterness, frustration and humiliation on Trump."



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6 minutes ago, Cougar_ml said:

common coping tactic, focus on something other than the actual problem for as long as you can convince yourself to do so, and hope the real problem somehow magically disappears.  


As Saul Alinsky taught them- never admit failure, always blame someone else.

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5 minutes ago, pipedreams said:

As Saul Alinsky taught them- never admit failure, always blame someone else.

of course.

One of my friends told me a story about a contractor that was such a pain to work with, that the entire electrician's union refused to do anything for the guy.  This is 1000+ electricians that refuse to work for the guy.

The guy had a heart attack.  Goes to see a therapist.  Therapist listens to the guy's story, and tells him "none of this is your fault, it's the electrician's fault"

Guy sues the electrician's union.  Judge flat out tells the electrician's union lawyer that this is in the wrong court, and if it gets transferred to the correct court that it will be dismissed.  Lawyer says "no, we want this settled now"

Guy ends up winning 2.5 million settlement from electrician's union.  

Moral of the story, delusional a$$holes who refuse to accept reality cause all sorts of issues to everyone.

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