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New Rubicon just arrived.............


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While living in Morocco I had the 4 cyl diesel.  4WD low and just let out the clutch.  Wasn't fast but it would worm it's way over anything. 

I'm interested in how the newish turbo 4 gas burner with the hybrid assist is going to fare out in the real world.

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Is that a metallic green?  It looks similar to, but darker than, the kryptonite green 'Gecko' color that they had a few years back - Gecko was not a metallic.  Yours is a very sharp looking color.  I wanted to go with a granite metallic they were coming out with in 2014, but they just took too much time and I needed to get it on order, so I went with black on mine.  Yours came with the nice factory bumpers I wound up installing on mine last year - I think they look a lot better than the original ones, but are still an OEM style.  A lot of the aftermarket ones are just too over the top for my tastes.

If you haven't yet, go sign up to get the catalogs from Rugged Ridge.  Those will REALLY get your wife nervous!  :devildance:


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11 hours ago, John said:

That’s an expensive trailer! ?


enjoy it! Be safe

YUK, Yuk. We did a ton of research and of the vehicles you can flat tow, the jeep is the easiest to tow. It just happens to be the coolest as well. We also have 3 dogs so it will handle those to with the back seat down.

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