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How would you solve this problem?


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high explosives are always a viable option for removing unwanted apparel...


My guess is, unless it's a really friendly cow, it's going to be ignore it until it causes health problems, or butchering time.  

I suppose tranquilizing the cow then utilizing power tools would also work if you really want to keep the cow for a while.


lots of butter to grease the cow up, then hook a tractor or winch to it's back legs and pull it out that way.


I wonder if you can put a hole in the tire and add a fitting to fill the tube with water or something to try pushing the cow out like that.  

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1 minute ago, Cougar_ml said:

I think those are typically used for making a tire stay on something, not getting it off.

Have you ever heard a bead seater used? One blast and that cow is going to be about a half a mile downfield. 

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