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Teen accuses Mayo Clinic of “medical kidnapping”.

Gun Shark

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Has anyone heard about this? It’s a long read. But it’s pretty incredible. I’d love to hear Mayo Clinic’s side.





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The more I think about this the more I think it came down to pain.  They told her she would die if she left and she figured if they are going to leave her in that pain she would just as soon die.  This fear of opiods has gotten ridiculous.

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The Mayo Clinic has satellite clinics set up in some of the small towns near the town with the main facility.  My daughter told me that the satellite clinic in her town is absolutely the opposite of what the Primary facility is supposed to be know for.  They will not let you see a specialist out side of the small clinic, they will not refer you to the primary facility, you have to wait for extremely long times to get an appointment, and they are very expensive.


She now goes to a neighboring town to a different clinic for care.

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