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My dog is scared of a sewing machine

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GF is sewing a quilt. I notice my dog up against my leg shivering like she is shitting peach pits. I open the door and she is out in a flash. She hates the pressure cooker also, and when I put my tool batteries on the charger she reacts the same way. This is a dog that will blood trail a bear or moose. Scared of a sewing machine.

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Pets are weird at times. I housesit for my parents a couple times a year when they go on vacation. One of their dogs is oblivious to most loud noises and the other hides in the bathtub. Yet, the dog that is scared of damn near everything that makes loud or sudden noise will follow you around when mowing the lawn... 

One of my cats is "special" as well. She hates the sounds of the gas trimmers and leaf blowers from the landscapers and hides under my bed as soon as she hears it. However, when I vacuum, the little turd grows a pair and will take swipes at it because she backs herself in a corner instead of running away and hiding like the other one does.

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 My dog hates dry firing.  What we hear as a slight "click" of the firing pin, is a terribly loud high frequency noise spike and even if he doesn't know it's going to happen, he is startled to the point he starts shaking.


The same dog has gone out in a thunderstorm to pee, and in mid stream a very close lighting strike made a boom so loud I felt it in my chest.  The dog quickly turned his head, but continued peeing and sauntered back into the house when he was done,  Drenched, but done.  Personally, I couldn't have continued peeing when that thunder hit!

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4 hours ago, aomagrat said:

My brother adopted a dog that was afraid of firearms.  Be it a rifle or a handgun, when he saw one his hair would stand on end and he would bare his teeth and growl and snarl.  Over the years he calmed down.  He ignores them now.

My dog is all about gun control. If there is a gun around, she wants me to control it. If anyone else is shooting, she wants to hide.

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