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Poll: 63% of Dems Don’t Know Manafort Isn’t on Trial for ‘Collusion with Russia’


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I'll admit I didn't know either and am tired of the whole thing.

My view is that our once great nation is spiraling out of control and there no longer is justice for those in power; probably hasn't been for a couple of decades.

The democrats are embracing communism and the republicans value money and power over freedom.  I simply have lost all faith in our current masters in power on either side of the aisle.  

You tell me that my apathy will let the democrats gain power?  Who gives a ****; maybe when they do and start confiscating weapons and rounding up Trump supporters More Americans will wake up to the fact that the only viable means of maintaining freedom against leftist Progressives is armed resistance.

Just let me know when the shooting starts...


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