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"Dirty Money" on Netflix

SC Tiger

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I just watched episode one of "Dirty Money" on Netflix.  This episode was about the VW scandal.

It was interesting.  There wasn't a whole lot in it that I didn't already know from the mechanics of the scandal (basically they programmed the ECU to shut down the emissions control systems when the driver turned the wheel - which is how it knew it was on the road and not a dyno).  

What I didn't know was that a study in Europe did a similar test with Diesels from VW (pre-update), BMW, and Mercedes.  And all three cars had similar results from an output standpoint.  The implication is that all three were using a "defeat system" on the ECU.

Apparently, in Europe, you can program the emissions control system to shut down IF it needs to do so to protect the engine from damage (ie if it is causing the engine to run too hot - I suppose).  That is perfectly legal there.  So the car makers take advantage of that.

They also claimed that US makers were using similar systems but I have my doubts.  Otherwise they would not be using emissions fluid systems. 

I may watch some of the other episodes but there is a definite leftist slant in them.


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I found the program to be very interesting.

I didn't know that EU rules have made vehicle emission regulations pretty much unenforceable in the individual countries. They also claimed that more Germans die early as a result of vehicle emissions than from vehicle accidents- but, I didn't hear them quote a source for that information.

Thanks for the heads up.

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