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Campus Rape Policy - the uncomfortable truth

SC Tiger

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I guess this is politics but whatever you want to call it:

Saw this on another forum about an issue at UMass.


Here is a synopsis:

1) Woman gets high with guy

2) Woman participates in sex act with guy.  Says she doesn't want intercourse, and he apparently abides by this.

3)  She wanted to back out but she didn't want to dissappoint him, so she kept going

4)  She then decided she had been sexually assaulted and presses charges against the guy.


What happened next is almost a comedy of errors (some by the guy), but none of this should have happened.  You'll have to read it for yourself.  But a lot of this is apparently mandated by federal rules meant to combat sexual assault on campus.

This is what happens when you go overboard.  You ABSOLUTELY CANNOT change the bedrock principle of the US legal system - "Innocent Until Proven Guilty."  You change that and you **** the whole thing up.

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pretty much anyone that ever lived at some point managed to violate these guidelines as written.  

From the sounds of it, she was in the lead right up to the point where she decided that she was having second thoughts, then kept going when he asked her to.  in no way did he force her to do anything.  

The exact same interpretation of the events would have had her the one in trouble if he was the one to accuse her of sexually assaulting her.  He was high, so there was no way he could legally give his consent, therefore she raped him.


I think the reason they can get away with it is because it's not going through the legal system, it's going through a college administrative system.  

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I was sexually assaulted many times by chicks during my college years.  I usually went along, as I didn't want to disappoint.  But, there were a few really unattractive chicks, that even ender the influence the Turkey 101, made me evict their had forthwith from my pants and runneth away.  I did not rat them out to the campus cops.

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