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Atkins 32 lbs down in 5 months; 10 lbs to go


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I posted about Atkins and why I started on that other board.

I've been using the 20 grams or less of carbs guideline until I get to 170lbs.  It has taken 5 months to get from 214 to 182.  

Here's are the key points I've learned so far:

1. You have to believe in fat and the carb effect on your body.  

2. Vitamin supplements help. 

3. Laxatives and coffee help at times. 

4. You have to dial it in for your needs.


At first I used a lot of animal fat.  Now I use Olive Oil for most things.

After I get to 170 I will increase the carbs to about 40 and then see how I do. 


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I cut out sugar and breads a few months back (With Sunday as something of a cheat day). Without any extra exercise it is consistently coming off. I have no exact numbers, but the gut is disappearing and clothes are fitting looser.


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Excellent news! Keep at it.

For the longest time, I was in the "calories in vs calories out" school of thought. After I began to watch lectures by Dr Jason Fung and a few others, it seems a bit more complicated than that for long term maintenance. Insulin resistence really does seem to be a critical part of the equation. A low carb eating pattern helps address that.

I found this link that lists a couple of dozen clinical studies. Some of them a pretty long term. The article has enough data to be useful without putting me to sleep. 


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